After considering it for a number of months, we finally got in touch with six time Hugo loser (a number soon to be increased) Christopher J. Garcia  to put together the article we’ve been intent on blackmailing him for– a story of costuming taken past roleplaying and into the world of professional wrestling.  Yes, we speak of the artform known as Kaiju Big Battel, where adults dress up as giant monsters a la Godzilla films and beat the tar out of each other in a ring filled with a miniature city.

Then it’s Ms. Sheriff’s turn to share the evil with her tale of the disastrous experience that is making a deadline with a faulty Macintosh.
Finally, for the first time in… cohesively… a year?  Robert Hole does his research and tells us all what’s wrong with research and how it affects our notions of historic costuming.

YIPE! Volume 2, Issue 8, “Loose Threads,” is now available for download:

Volume 2 Issue 9 is on its way with loads of… stuff!  But that doesn’t mean we don’t need more.  If you have something to submit (or want to send a letter of comment, contact us at editors (at)

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