Longtime friend of Yipe! and first time writer Chris O’Halloran starts us off with some musings on the many regrets of masquerade stage crews.  Then we look back to the last transmission from Anti-Kevin, translate it into English, and completely fail to orient the lettering to the dimensions of our… dimension.

España retorts against herself by judging a masquerade for the first time, then I clog up the page count with messages scrawled when I lost my voice at BayCon in “Diary of a Mute Fan.”

Finally, Kevin steps out of the Wayback Machine with old partner in crime Jennifer Tifft in tow because Mette’s too busy trotting around the globe to be bothered with 10 Questions for a Costumer.

YIPE! Volume 2, Issue 7, “Dregs,” is now available for download:

Volume 2 Issue 8 is already in the works!  If you have something to submit (or want to send a letter of comment), contact us at editors (at) yipezine.com

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