We all just slapped on our Travel Clothes, loaded up a suitcase, and set out for wherever the wind would take us.  Or any airport Southwest had a deal on.  Not important.

Sure, Kevin didn’t have to go so far for the PEERS Le Bal des Vampires, but it was entertaining, filled with costumes, and beyond walking distance.  Plus:  vampires.
Ms. Sheriff made us all look like wimps with her trip to D.C., but it was the unintended stopover in NYC that put her smack in the middle of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade; a festival so far gone we aren’t legally allowed to show most of the photos.
Beloved Yipe! contributor Bob Hole graces us with some pictures of just what you need to wear when visiting Scotland and attempting to make everyone think you’re a genuine Scot in such a way no one will believe you at all.
And, of course, our own Mette Hedin serves as clean-up with her long-awaited report on Las Vegas’ incomparable Punk Rock Bowling tournament.  Oddly enough, the photos are all perfectly legal to display in a fanzine.  Madness.
So keep reading, costume lovers.  We scoured the… well, we left the house and mostly used large commercial vehicles to bring you the words and images you see here today.  How many fanzines can say the same?
Don’t answer that.

YIPE! Volume 2, Issue 11, “Travel Clothes,” is now available for download:

Volume 2 Issue 12 will soon be coming to a website near you.  This one!  If you have something to submit (or want to send a letter of comment), contact us at editors (at) yipezine.com

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